2016-2017 Intern Therapists

Brianne Rhodus, Naropa Transpersonal, MA expected 2017, Intern Therapist

With a background as a wilderness therapy and snowboard instructor, and drawing upon years of experience in treating the whole person as a licensed massage therapist and holistic doula, Brianne applies an integrated, multi-disciplinary, and body-centered approach to counseling that focuses on nurturing strengths and resources, while empowering people’s inherent wisdom and goodness by helping to access their authentic self with mindful-awareness. A safe space to explore and express is created within the therapeutic relationship through deep compassion-based listening, psychoeducation, and a comprehensive skill-set that emphasizes presence, trust, and connection. Brianne witnesses from a validating place of non-judgment and supports with genuine care in order to bring more balance, flow and satisfaction that will assist in cultivating one’s capacity to grow, transform and thrive.


Carolina Osuna, Naropa Somatic, MA expected 2017, Intern Therapist

Carolina works with individuals and couples by providing a non-judgmental and compassionate space for the exploration of the self in relationship with one’s self and others. She believes in the importance of providing a safe and nurturing space for the creative expression of one’s internal emotional experience. Carolina’s therapeutic approach merges creative arts, body-based techniques, dance/movement therapy and mindfulness techniques. She believes each individual has the innate wisdom and core capacity to heal, transform, and evolve. Living in different countries has inspired her multicultural approach to her work. Carolina offers therapeutic services in both English and Spanish.

Charles Meerts

Charles Meerts

Charles Meerts, Naropa Contemplative, MA expected 2017, Intern Therapist

Charlie works with clients to create a safe environment for self-discovery that matches the pacing of the individual.   Charlie recognizes that sometimes the challenges of life can make fulfillment and happiness seem difficult to achieve.  By helping you to deepen your awareness of your current experience, Charlie will guide you towards your own potential, assisting you to live your life with vitality and success.  All of us possess an intrinsic potential for self-actualization.  By removing the obstacles to that innate potential, we naturally and effortlessly develop our ability to thrive and passionately embrace our lives.  If you want to see change in your life, or if you want to better know how to navigate it, Charlie will help you to realize that possibility.

r-gadi Gadi Garfinkel, Naropa Contemplative, MA expected 2017, Intern Therapist

Gadi empowers clients to find greater peace in the heart of challenge, be it emotional, relational, or existential in nature. Gadi believes we all possess the strength and wisdom we need to lead a full and fulfilling life, and uses mindfulness, gestalt, and interpersonal neurobiology to help clients discover and embody these qualities. He is passionate about working to heal attachment wounds, trauma, and intergenerational trauma through depth psychology and the power of a mutual and secure therapeutic relationship, which welcomes both the light and the shadow, and leads to greater self-awareness and integration, and thus to a greater sense of authorship of one’s own life.

r-jr Jacqueline Richards, Naropa Transpersonal, MA expected 2017, Intern Therapist

Jacqueline compassionately supports clients while helping them navigate emotions, relationships, and finding meaning in life. With a background in mindfulness-based counseling, Jacqueline works in the present moment with each person to encourage authentic expression of feelings and self. Jacqueline creates a safe, warm, and healing therapeutic container for people to show up however they are with the goal of helping them gain skills, heal past wounds, and build the courage and strength to get back up when life has knocked them down. To sessions, Jacqueline brings mindfulness, Gestalt, and somatic techniques, and her experience working with adolescents, people experiencing homelessness, eating disorders, addictions, and people in crisis.

r-kathleen Kathleen Malone, Naropa Contemplative, MA expected 2017, Intern Therapist

Kathleen works with a client-centered focus by trusting in the client’s wisdom and innate natural power to heal all psychological, emotional and spiritual wounds.  Through the understanding of attachment patterns, defense mechanisms, internal family systems, dreams, and one’s relationship to themselves, she is able to help clients bring love and compassion to their experience. Through therapy clients find the harmony and health they are seeking.  She brings her life experience as a mother and mediation practitioner as well.  She has extended trainings in working with trauma and play therapy.  

r-tristam Tristam Miles, Naropa Transpersonal, MA expected 2017, Intern Therapist

Tristam emphasizes a safe and nonjudgmental space when approaching the therapeutic relationship.  He integrates various therapeutic modalities such as Gestalt inspired parts work, experimental mindfulness techniques, and Synergistic Play Therapy in order to meet his clients where they are most needing support.  Through authentic relationship and openness, Tristam’s goal is to help his clients give voice to their hearts’ deepest truths while helping them connect to their own innate gifts of healing and transformation. Tristam’s own life experience combined with his passion for his studies as a graduate student help him approach the healing journey as a guide who supports his clients with commitment, compassion, and tenderness.