Initial Evaluation (Free Consultation or Phone Intake)

The consultation or phone intake is an interview to gather basic information, learn about your reasons for coming to Boulder Emotional Wellness, and assess your needs so that we may better serve you. This may result in a recommendation or referral, such as individual counseling or possibly referral to a therapist, psychologist or other resource in the community. Confidentially, all prospective clients are asked about counseling history, drug and alcohol use, thoughts of suicide, medication history, and domestic violence concerns.

Individual Counseling

Individual psychotherapy can enhance general coping skills and enable you to deal more effectively with personal problems and also with the normal challenges of life. Therapy provides clients with the opportunity to identify, explore, understand and work through problems in partnership with a trained professional. A caring therapist, someone who is outside your social circle, work place and family, can help you gain new perspectives and expand choices whether you are experiencing a short-term crisis or an ongoing difficulty.

Couples Counseling

Difficulty in a primary relationship can interfere with vocational and personal functioning. Interpersonal problems are stressful.

Couples/dyad counseling often includes building relationship skills such as healthy communication, conflict resolution, and cooperative goal setting. You and your partner can develop a more intimate, satisfying, and healthy relationship and learn skills that will help the relationship continue to grow after counseling has ended. Boulder Emotional Wellness offers couples counseling to same sex and opposite sex couples.

Examples of concerns that bring couples to counseling:

  • Engaging in frequent conflict
  • Experiencing unsatisfying communication patterns
  • Having power or control struggles
  • Having sexual difficulties
  • Experiencing other threats to their relationship


Clients that require services unavailable through Boulder Emotional Wellness receive referrals to area therapists and organizations.

Scheduling a First Session

Call 303 225 2708 extension 101 and a counselor will return your call to arrange a telephone intake.