Individual Counseling

Individual psychotherapy can enhance general coping skills and enable you to deal more effectively with personal problems and also with the normal challenges of life. Therapy provides clients with the opportunity to identify, explore, understand and work through problems in partnership with a trained professional. A caring therapist, someone who is outside your social circle, work place and family, can help you gain new perspectives and expand choices whether you are experiencing a short-term crisis or an ongoing difficulty.

Boulder Emotional Wellness intern therapists work with clients until mutually agreed upon termination or until the end of the internship.  Clients wishing to continue may do so with the intern, if they are willing, or transfer to another therapist.

Clients seek services from Boulder Emotional Wellness with concerns such as: 

• Academic issues (test anxiety, motivation, career uncertainties)
• Self-esteem
• Stress and anxiety
• Depression
• Relationship concerns
• Family conflicts
• Adjusting to college/homesickness
• Roommate issues
• Alcohol and drug use
• Disordered eating concerns
• Coping with loss
• Loneliness and isolation
• Sexuality
• Coping with disability or chronic illness
• Sexual abuse, sexual assault
• Relationship violence