Alumni Therapists


Belinda Chase
Belinda Chase, Naropa Transpersonal, MA 2016

Belinda cultivates a supportive therapeutic environment for clients to explore their experiences from a place of awareness and compassion. She enjoys working creatively with teens, adults and couples using a unique therapeutic blend of family systems, attachment theory and Gestalt therapy. Healing unfolds naturally as individuals seek balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. A fuller life experience is possible because balance affords direct contact with one’s authentic self and allows for truer connection with others in relationship.

Jor-El Zajatz Jor-El Zajatz, Naropa Transpersonal, MA 2016

Jor-El help individuals and couples from diverse backgrounds heal their emotional wounds and transform their lives to create more balance. Through working with awareness and mindfulness, Jor-El helps clients become more connected to their environment and themselves. He is currently finishing his graduate degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology at Naropa University. With an emphasis on somatic experience and relationships, Jor-El helps people to navigate their world with more health and well-being.

Rachel Brody Rachael Brody, Naropa Somatic, MA 2016

Rachael offers an integrated approach merging creative arts and body-based techniques with eco-psychology. She holds a core belief in the innate capacity and wisdom of the body to support healing and personal growth and her approach offers an unique opportunity to explore the connection between the mind, body, nature, and spirit. She is an advocate for individuals, couples, and families to find alignment and balance in their lives by offering a safe, warm, and deeply receptive therapeutic environment. Rachael’s work is rooted deeply in a commitment to improving ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

Linnea Jewett Linnea Jewett, Naropa Somatic, MA 2016

Linnea’s therapeutic skills start with a genuine warmth and commitment to the client/therapist relationship. It is her goal to build and hold a safe space for clients to explore, express, and expand in a creative and discerning manner. Her background in Dance/Movement Therapy, Body Psychotherapy, Feng Shui, Soul Coaching and Motherhood provides both her and her clients a deep toolbox to work with. She supports the cultivation of personal strengths, compassion and awarenesswith a deeper understanding of self. She honors this individual process and is committed to taking this healing journey with others.

Ximena Garces Ximena Garces, Naropa Transpersonal, MA 2016

“I believe we have an innate ability to heal ourselves and have everything we need to work through our life challenges. However, we often feel stuck in not knowing how to access our inner resources and strength.”

“As a therapist, I offer a nonjudgmental space where together we can become curious and engaged in supporting the process of reconnection with your inherent power and wisdom.”

“Combining Gestalt therapy and mindfulness both in English and Spanish, I help individuals and couples find their ground in their own beings. This process naturally leads to empowerment, choice, commitment, and aliveness in relationship to oneself and others.”

Gary Howard Gary Howard, Naropa Transpersonal, MA 2016

Gary brings to the therapeutic relationship an open invitation to explore and give voice to what is presently asking for attention within the heart. In his experience, genuine connection is inherently healing and desired by us all. Because many things can get in the way of connecting to self, other, and environment, Gary uses experiments, insightful questions, gentle reflections, and experiential practices to unmask the health and vitality already alive within. Trained in Wilderness Therapy, Gary enjoys incorporating nature into the therapeutic space.

Brent Adriance Brent Adriance, Naropa Transpersonal, MA 2016

Brent assists clients with navigating anxiety, depression, and existential fear, and other mental and emotional challenges. Brent appreciates the significance of reconnecting clients to the nature of their own emotions. He brings in his prior knowledge of energetics and bodywork into the framework of transpersonal psychology. Brent is passionate about the therapeutic relationship and how it can facilitate positive change in others. Utilizing Gestalt, Jungian dream work, mindfulness, and expressive arts therapies, he supports clients in discovering and integrating lost aspects of themselves in order to empower them with insight and greater awareness.

Jen Lloyd Jen Lloyd, Naropa Contemplative, MA ’15

Jen holds space for clients to bring whatever is arising in their experience that needs support in an open, safe, and discerning manner. She combines personal warmth with authenticity in order to cultivate a strong therapeutic alliance. She is particularly interested in the potential for growth within relationship: between members of a couple, within groups, among parents and children, and between therapist and client. She helps clients bring awareness, curiosity and compassion to their lives, recognizing the uniqueness of each personal journey of awakening and healing.

Ryan Brennan Ryan Brennan, Naropa Transpersonal, MA ’15

Ryan’s therapeutic approach is informed by his wide-ranging clinical experience with mental illnesses, disabilities, addictions and domestic violence. In this time, he has witnessed and come to trust in each person’s profound innate capacity for healing and growth. Operating from this place, Ryan supports and empowers individuals to remember and live more fully from who they really are. He and his clients co-create a therapeutic space where all parts are welcome to be seen, experienced and understood, allowing for a natural unfolding process of healing and growth.

Meaghan Gosling Meaghan Gosling, Naropa Transpersonal, MA ’15

Meaghan’s undergraduate degree is in behavioral psychology, which allows her to bring a unique perspective in her therapeutic approach. She blends transpersonal, Gestalt, systems and attachment theory in her sessions. Meaghan is passionate about helping couples grow in relationship together. She ably provides a safe, nonjudgmental space to explore and learn about oneself, including issues and questions about sex and sexuality. Her background as an ABA therapist also makes her a gifted support for parents struggling with the stress of raising a special needs child.

Daniel Vose Daniel Vose, Naropa Somatic, MA ’15

Daniel Vose has a unique approach to psychotherapy. He completed extensive training in Somatic Experiencing, a trauma resolution modality. Through his understanding of its physical nature, Daniel can offer clients a clear ending to the effects of their trauma. Liberation from suffering is possible. Daniel facilitates liberation by supporting the client in finding and expressing their inborn wisdom. He uses a highly individualized approach in order to promote each person’s unique process of restoration to a greater sense of health and wholeness.

Ana Templesman Ana Tempelsman, Naropa Somatic, MA ’15

Ana offers a body-centered approach to therapy where movement, expression and presence are integrated. Born in Argentina, her multicultural understanding fosters a space of acceptance where all aspects of an individual can unfold in safe exploration. The focus of her work is on relationships: she has worked with families going through divorce and has published a book on how to support children going through this life altering process. With a clinical interest on couples, intimacy and sex, Ana will support you in an experiential approach to self-discovery where genuine growth and transformation may occur.

Jared Hinton Jared Hinton, Naropa Contemplative, MA ’15

Jared combines mindfulness-based practices with the direct experience of the therapeutic relationship to explore how one relates to their world. Jared integrates a strong belief in intrinsic health with trust in the healing power of relationship and connection to offer a supportive environment for healing.

Manuel Gómez Solera, MA ’14, MS, Bilingual English/Spanish

Manuel received a Master of Arts in Somatic Counseling Psychology, Body Psychotherapy from Naropa University in May 2013. Prior to that, he obtained a Bachelors degree in Psychology at the Universidad de Costa Rica in 2006. Manuel is specialized in body-centered approaches to psychotherapy and has experience working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

“My goal is to help you find the internal resources necessary to better tolerate and manage your current life situations in a skillful and spontaneous way, in order to reach higher levels of functioning.”

Bonnie Singman Bonnie Singman, MA ’14

Adult Mental Health Therapist, Vancouver, Washington

Nathaniel Richards Nathaniel Richards, MA ’14

Now an LMHCA, which is the Washington State Associate license.

Jody Catlow MA ’14, NLC

Natural Balance Counseling and Play Therapy
Boulder CO
I focus on empowerment. There’s nothing better than seeing someone move from struggle to ease. I use brain development and the neural pathways of emotions to guide my work. My specialties are anger management, nervous system regulation, developmental repair, trauma, divorce, co-dependence, sensory processing, ADHD, OCD, hoarding, self-harm, low self esteem, grief, panic and anxiety. My work is somatic, present-centered and focused on authentic self. I’m certified in Synergetic Play Therapy and trained in Internal Family Systems Therapy. I work with kids 3-12, coach parents and work with adults.
I hear from clients who want to feel self-confident, learn how to trust and feel safe. Their coping skills may be hurting their ability to connect and stay in relationship. They find that something has thrown their life out-of-balance. They want to feel capable and happy.
I love my work. I strive to be non-judgemental and create a space where you and your children can feel safe and accepted. All emotions are human, normal and welcome. This office is a Safe Zone. Call me with any questions. I offer a free 30 minute phone consultation.
Steven Moore Steven Moore, MA ’14

Steven is a therapist in private practice in Boulder. Working with individuals and couples, Steven co-creates a supportive and safe environment to support his clients achieve both immediate symptom relief and long-lasting change. Steven works with clients who struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, as well as survivors of traumatic and other life-disturbing experiences. His website can be found at

John Ould John Ould, MA ’14

John is a graduate of Transpersonal Counseling Psychology at Naropa University.  He is trained in the Hakomi method of psychotherapy, a body-centered and mindfulness-based approach that uses present experience to explore core beliefs and how core beliefs often affect our ability to fully be ourselves and be in relationship.  Within a relationship of acceptance and respect, John will work with you in a spirit of collaborative inquiry to discover your own potential and natural movement towards growth and transformation.

Gretchen Stecher Gretchen Stecher, MA ’14

Gretchen worked with clients affected by personal violence and addictions for ten years before becoming a graduate student at Naropa University in body psychotherapy. An ongoing apprentice with equine facilitated groups, Gretchen’s compassionate, grounding presence supports her passion for being in-the-moment present, cultivating selfcare practices and joining with others to explore solutions in life.

Elizabeth Driscoll, MA ’13

Elizabeth has worked in hospice, a mental health agency and a homeless shelter exploring different facets of therapeutic work including individual case-work, group work, and community resources. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

Sarah Wilson, MA ’13

Sarah offers a client-centered therapeutic approach that recognizes the inherent worth and brilliance of all clients. Her grounded presence provides clients the context in which to discover themselves more deeply and supports their process of evolving into fuller human beings. A graduate of Naropa University, Sarah is passionate about working with a diverse range of individuals and groups and specializes in working with LGBTQ clients.

August Jensen, MA ’13

August has worked in the field of research biology, and is a combat veteran of the Air Force. He is now a student of Zen Buddhism and is passionate about exploring new ways of being in relationship to life’s pain. August works with his clients to discover how the attempt to avoid emotional pain is the source of our unhappiness, and through acceptance and compassion of our pain, we live more fully in relationship to others and ourselves.

Elizabeth Stahl, MA ’13

“I work to create a space where you can explore your thoughts and feelings and other reactions to your life. I am here to listen, reflect and support. I view therapy as a collaborative process. Together we can work to integrate experiences, manage stress and develop relationships. Your feedback on our progress drives the direction of the therapy.”

Craig Salerno, MA ’13, LAC (Licensed Addiction Counselor)

Craig is a 2013 Naropa graduate from the Contemplative Psychotherapy program. Since completing his BEW internship, Craig worked with community mental health and psychosis through Windhorse Community Services before committing full-time to work with at-risk adolescents at Center for Change. Craig runs substance abuse and high-risk men’s groups, does adolescent and adult family/couple’s therapy, as well as individual therapy. Craig also works privately, specializing in adolescent and adult individual psychotherapy. Craig can be reached through email at

Sara Giron Sara Giron, MA ’12, Re-Membering Transpersonal Psychotherapy

A trained Wilderness Therapist, she guides others through the inner and outer wilderness, helping them uncover their own innate wisdom and gifts. A certified yoga teacher, she brings a body-centered and mindfulness-based approach to her practice. Sara has over six years experience working with youth and adults in the capacity of guide, teacher, and addictions counselor. Sara is a gardener and beekeeper.

Marie Mannatt, MA ’12

Marie is interested in helping clients befriend and welcome all parts of themselves. Marie brings her 25 years of teaching children and the raising of her own four children as part of her wisdom basket and sees herself as a midwife for the inner journey where she helps clients birth and integrate all aspects of themselves.  Marie has actively been engaged in her own inner work for the past 30 years, is a whirling dervish and a student of Universal Sufism, the path of the heart.

Nathan Railla, MA ’12, Denver Shambhala Center

Nathan is interested in the efficacy of therapy. He has experience working with adolescence and adults in office and wilderness settings. Coming from a background of Buddhism as well as Gestalt therapy, the present moment is of upmost importance.

Rex West MA Rex West, MA ’12,  AIM House Boulder

Rex joins his 20 years of experience as an educator with his experience as a counselor in working with his clients towards cultivating integrated health. His work is client-centered and firmly grounded in the principle of basic goodness of all human beings. Rex utilizes deep and compassionate listening to create reflective and effective support of his clients’ goals. He brings a passion for integrating his many years of mindfulness and meditation practice with his knowledge and experience of brain neurology into the therapeutic relationship. Rex specializes in working with couples and families through the co-counseling model. He is a hospice volunteer and the co-owner of Ground Counseling.