Boulder Emotional Wellness is not currently offering externships or practicum positions.

Application period for 2018-2019 INTERNSHIPS opens January 2, 2018 and ends January 12, 2018.  Decisions will be announced mid-February.

Please MAIL application material to 3434 47th Street Suite 130, Boulder, CO 80301. Please do not submit applications electronically.  Applications may also be dropped off at our office.

If you would like your graded paper, transcripts, or other material returned, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope and indicate what you’d like returned.  We will not return letters of recommendation.

Boulder Emotional Wellness provides training opportunities for students who are enrolled in a Masters program or PhD program in clinical psychology. The training program is designed to help interns increase their clinical competence as psychotherapists in a community setting. Trainees engage in a variety of professional activities typical of a community counseling environment. These activities include:

• Conducting intake assessments.
• Providing individual, couple and/or child psychotherapy. Strong interest in couples therapy is expected.
• Providing psychoeducational workshops to members of the Boulder community.
• Marketing clinic services, including posting fliers, presentating to groups, and other outreach tasks.
• Attending and participating in organization inservice trainings.
• Participation in case presentations and consultations.
• Preparation and participation in clinical supervision with licensed staff members.

Eligibility Requirements
• Enrollment in a masters level program.
• Approval from the program to seek internship.
• Willingness to make a 12-month, 15-hours per week commitment. Interns start in two groups, early summer and late summer.  Please consider your start preference.

Application Procedures
Please submit:
• A letter of intent with a description of your interest in Boulder Emotional Wellness.

• Documentation from your program delineating the requirements of a placement.  Not required for Naropa University students.

• A current CV or resume. Significant time gaps (over 6 months) without work or education should be explained.

Three reference letters, including one from a person who has direct knowledge of your counseling skills, and one from a person that has supervised you in a work environment. Applications that do not include a reference from a supervisor will not be considered.

When we see letters of recommendation that have identical and near-identical sentences, or identical themes in identical order, it is a mark against the candidate. If you are asked to write your own letter, please find someone else for a reference.

• An unofficial transcript.

• A copy of a graded APA academic paper with professor’s comments.  Must have bibliographic references.  No “reflection papers” please.  Only one paper please.

For more information contact:
Andrew Rose, Program Director, 303-225-2708 ext 100